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Drone Shooting Services

Take advantage of our Drone Shooting Services with our super talented drone pilots. We offer high-quality drone and aerial photography services at affordable prices! Sortie Media makes aerial photography simple and cost-effective for our clients. Our drone pilots use high-tech drones to capture best video and photos that can be blown up on social media.

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Aerial shooting, which is a technique that has become widespread in recent years and is frequently used in Turkey and the world, is shot with the help of vehicles called drones. For events such as company presentations, real estates, business meetings, training or seminars, as Sortie Media, we realize your shootings in the highest quality with our expert drone shooting team and professional editing team.

As Sortie Media team, we create the best project for you with our professional equipment and experienced drone pilots, and produce the content that you will best introduce yourself to your customers at the most affordable prices.

With our drone service, we can shoot your aerial videos and photos and prepare your promotional films and videos in line with your requests in editing and montage.

Information and Subject Transfer, Determination of Location for Shooting

A road map is drawn with the most suitable program for your needs, and a progress is followed according to this road map. We complete our plans to put forward your promotional film in the best way within the framework of determining the location for shooting with drone and the steps to be taken.

Having All Necessary Equipment and Information Creating a Scenario

In order for you to convey the most accurate message to your target audience and reach your goal with your promotional film created by drone shooting; Our team reveals the most suitable work for your corporate identity with various analyzes and created content.

Determination of Equipment for Shooting with Drone

Within the framework of the project plan prepared with the experience we have gained, the application phase for the project is started with the right equipment determined by our team. At the stage of shooting with drone in the field, your opinion is also taken and you are provided to contribute to the work.

Completion of Editing, Assembly and Voice Over Stages

Your promotional film is created in the shortest time and with the highest quality in order to reveal the most suitable film for your needs and requests with the expert editing and montage team in the field of drone shooting; your promotional film is created by obtaining all necessary licenses for voiceover and logo. If necessary, your revision requests are evaluated and your work is updated in the most appropriate way for your customers.