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Event Marketing

Event marketing is a professional business and should be managed by professionals. We plan and execute engaging events, such as product launches, trade shows, and conferences, to raise brand awareness and generate leads.

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What is Event Marketing?

Event marketing is the strategy that enables the brand and the consumer to come face to face and makes the perception of the brand positive on the target audience.

With this marketing strategy, brands aim to provide their target audience with a different and positive experience. Because consumers who have the opportunity to meet face to face with brands have positive feelings towards the brand.

If the event is carried out in accordance with the marketing purpose, brand and customer communication becomes easier. Facilitating this communication helps the brand to generate more revenue. In addition to generating more revenue for the brand, this strategy also enables the consumer to reach the product they want with peace of mind.

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Factors Affecting Marketing Effectiveness

There are many factors that influence event marketing. If these factors are not taken into account, the strategy may not work as intended.

Some of the factors affecting this strategy are as follows:

  • The fit of the event with the target audience
  • Alignment of the event with the brand and product
  • Whether the speakers are equipped or not
  • Technological support

Brands that plan properly should consider these and more factors.

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Event Marketing Recommendations

Event marketing requires a good plan to be done correctly. A plan poorly organized that lacks details can cause the strategy not to work. This causes brands to waste resources. In order to avoid this problem, event marketing agencies can be contacted for help. Since these people are experts in their field, they can manage the process better.

Technology should be used to make the strategy work. Brands can make their job easier if they use their social media accounts and websites to reach consumers more easily. Because social media is considered the easiest way to reach people today.

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Disadvantages of Marketing Activities

If the event marketing steps are not done correctly, some disadvantages are inevitable. The most important disadvantage is the loss of resources and time. If brands do not develop an appropriate strategy, they will lose both resources and time.

In some cases, consumers may develop a negative perception of the brand. This is also an important disadvantage. In order not to encounter this circumstance, it is necessary to take firm and planned steps.

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Examples of Marketing Activities

Interest in event marketing is increasing rapidly in our country and around the world. Brands, companies and organizations that want to be number one in their field are exploring this strategy. Increasing interest in the strategy is considered an advantage for consumers.

The most important examples of event marketing are football clubs.The unique logo of football clubs can be given as an example of this strategy. People want to access content featuring their favorite brand’s logo quickly.

Another example is the unique logos of online shopping sites. Consumers shop easily because they trust these logos. Consumers shopping more comfortably means that online shopping sites make more profit.

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Which types of events are used in event marketing?

Event marketing services are developing very rapidly. Depending on this development, different events can be organized. The first of the events that can be done is to organize a music festival. Thanks to the music festival, brands carry out a different organization. People are eager to participate in different organizations.

Promotional shows can also be organized in areas such as the fashion industry or automotive. Since visuality is prioritized in these shows, the message can be conveyed much more easily.

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The Right Event Marketing Strategies

The first step for a successful marketing strategy is to choose a location. Prestigious and well-known venues without transportation problems are important for the future of marketing. After the venue is chosen, a speaker with strong communication skills should be selected. In addition to these stages, a unique and high quality invitation should be sent to the people who will attend the event. After the event is over, the participation and satisfaction rate should be determined.

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Processes of a Marketing Event

If brands want to reach consumers, they need to learn in detail how this strategy is done and what processes it consists of. The event marketing process consists of 6 stages. These stages are: Strategy, planning, management, storytelling, attribution, evaluation and sustainability.

Event marketing processes are a whole. Brands or companies make mistakes if they try to create these stages independently of each other.

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Advantages of Marketing Effectiveness

Event marketing has many benefits. Brands that aim to leverage these benefits never neglect event marketing. The most important advantage of this strategy is that the brand can compete more easily with rival companies.

The important advantages of event marketing are as follows:

  • It helps the brand reach many more people.
  • It increases people’s willingness to buy.
  • It helps the brand find new markets.
  • It gives the opportunity to meet directly with the consumer.
  • Increases the visibility of the brand.
  • Allows brands to allocate less resources to marketing.

In order for event marketing to take place effectively and efficiently, individuals who are trained and specialized in this field are needed.

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When Should Event Marketing Be Done?

Brands want to be number one in their field from the first day they were founded. However, brands need event marketing to achieve this goal. Many brands need this strategy but do not know when to do it. In order for the event marketing strategy to be realized, certain conditions must be met.

For this planning to take place, the brand can be expected to produce a unique product or content. Consumers can be more easily influenced by the presentation of this content or product. However, if a unique product or content is not produced, an event can be organized on a date that many people can easily attend.