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Media Planning and Buying

Media Planning and Buying is one of today’s important steps for recognition. We identify the most appropriate advertising platforms, negotiate the best rates, and schedule ad placements strategically to optimize reach and engagement for your campaigns.

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We offer the most suitable media planning and buying services for your brand in line with market, sector, competitor research and the strategy we prepare specifically for your needs, and we focus on reaching the right target audience in the right channels.

We take great pleasure in offering our customers the advantages of our close communication with a wide range of publishers, from mainstream media to niche media that specialize in various topics, and our large commercial volume, with our motto of “maximum benefit”.

Fixed Publications

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We plan smart campaigns to maximize your brand awareness and/or conversions in fixed publications, mainstream or specific topics. We buy the right advertising formats for you in all channels that will add high-level recognition, prestige and value to your brand at the most affordable prices and payment terms.

Audience Targeting


Don’t start your campaigns without hearing about the audience targeting opportunities we offer not only in performance marketing channels but also in many independent channels. With special agreements and integrations with our partner publishers who categorize the user data of their own channels and make sense of them according to various sectors, interests and content habits, we make smart media purchases that will carry you to your goals in the most accurate way and at affordable prices.

What is Media Planning?

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Media planning is the general name given to the planning of how, when and through which media brands will announce their marketing and communication campaigns to their target audiences.

Strategies for the target audience to be reached in line with the brief submitted by the brand are determined by selecting appropriate sites, channels and broadcast models.

The priority in media planning is marketing and advertising. In order to achieve the targeted goals, determining how the media will be useful to us is one of the necessary elements for the planning to be carried out properly.

Media planning consists of studies that determine when and where an advertising campaign should be used.

How to Do Media Planning?

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When making media planning, there are issues to be considered. The priority is the correct selection of the messages expected to be given and the determination of the target audience. It aims to deliver the most advertising messages about a brand to the right consumer with the most economical budget.

Media planning is one of the primary tools that make the marketing of a product or service effective and ensures that an advertisement reaches the target audience in the most effective way by using the right communication tools.

When media planning is carried out, first of all, comprehensive information is obtained by conducting research on the product or service to be advertised. Then the target consumer audience is identified and the characteristics of this audience are determined. The consumer target audience should be well analyzed sociologically and psychologically. The relationship between the target audience and the product or service and the characteristics of the target audience are critical to the success of the advertising campaign.

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In today’s digital world, like many other sectors, the share of digital in advertising is increasing day by day. However, traditional channels also continue to evolve in some way. At this point, conventional advertising channels such as television and newspapers continue to be important depending on the size and scope of your campaign in order to spread the message 360 degrees.

In addition, the number of users and use of social networks such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, X (Twitter) are increasing and these channels offer much more targeting opportunities, experience and diversity than traditional channels can offer.

In any case, when planning and buying media, you need to consider all the channels through which you can communicate your brand’s message, one by one, according to their dynamics.