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What is public relations?

Public relations are regular activities based on the public interest carried out by a business or an institution in order to communicate. It is a continuous and organized management function to obtain the understanding, sympathy and support of the people it connects with.

It is the reputation management of organizations and individuals. Public relations is a method of communicating more effectively with the target audience it serves. Public relations is the art of endearing a business to its customers and the people it is connected with, making them respect it, making them adopt a certain attitude and making them believe in it.

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Corporate Public Relations

Corporate public relations is the system that regulates the relations with the target audiences that institutions and organizations are in contact with, and transforms the information, interest and sympathy of these people towards institutions into corporate identity.

Corporate public relations enters into a two-way communication process with the target audience. The message conveyed to the target audience through communication tools determined by the organizations constitutes the first aspect of this process. The target audience’s reaction to this message constitutes the second method of this process, which moves in the opposite direction.

In this process, public opinion formation techniques are generally utilized. Corporate public relations fulfills the following functions:

  • Consulting advice
  • Publications about the organization
  • Advertising and messages in line with corporate image
  • Creating public opinion
  • Realistically diagnose the organization’s current visibility and credibility among its competitors
  • Utilizing communication tactics to identify pathways into the minds of the target audience

When we look at the activities carried out by corporate public relations, it is seen that Corporate Public Relations fulfills the responsibilities of classical public relations.

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Marketing Oriented Public Relations

Public relations for marketing is an execution and evaluation process that aims to sell and satisfy the target audience, identifies the wishes and special interests of companies and consumers, and uses reliable information and interaction communication.

It is the whole of the activities that ensure mutual interaction, cooperation and agreements between the company and the institutions and organizations around it. It carries out activities that regulate the communication between employees and managers, the company’s relations with consumers, and its relations with public and press organizations.

Public relations has an important place in marketing communication. The importance of the brand, the increasing influence of the consumer and the interaction of communication on marketing thoughts have increased the importance of this field.

Many companies often prioritize the marketing function over other functions due to consumer priority. The strength and success of this function is directly linked to public relations activities. Public relations in marketing supports marketing strategies to increase sales. It is divided into two as Pro-active and Re-active. Pro-active product promotion (launch) and changes in product variety add news value to the product launch by integrating marketing and communication elements.

It is the combination of marketing and communication. Re-active, on the other hand, is the method used to help organizations overcome the negative situations they face. It is a public relations activity generally carried out in times of crisis.

Marketing Oriented Public Relations generally engages in the following activities:

  • Helps in the promotion of new products
  • To revitalize and promote existing products
  • Creating a strong company image that supports the product
  • To increase the target audience’s interest in the product and gain their trust.
  • Reducing negative effects in situations such as crises
  • Finding new markets, supporting weak markets

Today, public relations and marketing are in a close relationship. Marketing activities carried out by such a strategy accelerate the progress of companies in achieving success.